Starting on Monday 12月14日2020

All EIKAIWA Class from EL1~EL9.  Except BYL (Beginner Young Learners) AYL (Advance Young Learners)

We request them to stay at home and have ONLINE CLASS instead.

This is to prevent the infection and spread of CORONA.


※For afterschool kids who request to have ONLINE class, please inform (cherries)Cherry teacher.

※For Eikaiwa kids whose parents are at work and won't be able to do online class, please inform (cherries)Cherry teacher.

※We will also request some kids to join other days of class for EIKEN matching up their test level.  T. Cherry will directly message those parent's kids. 


Note:  As much as we want everyone to come because it is the last week before the WINTER vacation, we still want to consider the good health of everyone.  We are really sorry for this and we hope for your kindness and consideration.