• Mission Vision

    At E-life, we believe all kids are wonderful and we help them enhance it by promoting fun learning environment. We aim to develop kids creativity and enhance their imagination by helping the kids understand Japan's arts and culture through crafts and play. Focusing on widening their interaction, learning and understanding the international community.

    We also aim to nurture the kids with care and passion. We believe that by doing this, it will help develop emotionally and enhance their well-being. We help them to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship among their friends.

    At E-life we help the kids nurture leadership ability, a sense of social responsibility, and a desire to make a difference in the world.

  • Teacher

    Our qualified teachers and staff will bring wealth of experience to our classes and will support students to the fullest. The teachers draw on their international background to facilitate a creative learning environment.

    Every effort has been made to provide our students with adequate space to learn through play.

    In addition, we bring the children to a local park.

    Children are encouraged to explore their surroundings and learn through their social interactions and everyday experiences.

  • Academic

    At E-life, we aim to assess the students by a variety of methods. Parents/Teacher conferences will be held quarterly and report cards will be issued in October and March. We also can arrange an appointment for parents who wish to observe their child/children during our daily lessons.

    A parent's role in his/her child's education is very essential.

    At E-life we encourage parents to participate in our school's special events, such as Halloween Parade, Christmas Party, Sports Festival and Year-End Graduation Party.

    We also have monthly Birthday Party for the celebrants.


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