Cherryl Bernardino Hatsumoto

Kids, mommies and friends call her CHERRY.

Family-oriented; friendly; lovable; hard-working; young-at-heart, mind and spirit. She could adapt to the kid's feelings, needs and wants.

No dull moments at all in her lessons! She strives hard to make fun education for all her students. Focuses on education plus entertainment, "Edutainment"!

Never runs out of ideas for the lesson. She designs her lesson to fit the needs and wants of the students. She will give you cool games and activities; chants, songs and dances adaptable to the lesson; arts and crafts; and some innovative approaches to her lesson.

An all-around level teacher from toddlers (preschool), kids (grade school), teens (high school) to adults (Business English).

She's a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Office Administration year 2000 at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

From school year 2013-2015, she was working at Chiba University Fuzoku Elementary School as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), teaching Grade 1-6 and International students.

She was also an ALT and Native English Teacher at the following schools; Saitama City Junior High School 土合中学校 and Elementary Schools 与野本町小学校&太平小学校 2012-2013; and Houten Elementary School 法典小学校 2012-2011.

At present, she's also the Administrative staff of KOG Total Solutions; and a proud member of a teacher's organization of Filipinos globally, Filipino English Teachers in Japan (FETJ Global).

Her goals are to educate the whole Japanese people by making it affordable for each family household, and to help Japan move a step closer to be a bilingual, globalized country.

E-Life Founder


Kengo Hatsumoto

Message from KENGO Teacher:

“I will exert all of my effort to become a better bridge between children, parents, and staffs.

Hope everyone's English life is fun and wonderful!!!  See you at Houden Branch!”


E-Life Founder


Jessica Crisostomo

A graduate from University of Perpetual Help System, Philippines Year 2014.

Took up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health.

Awarded as the most creative designer of the College of Education and the most promising visual artist of the College of Education.

Became part of the University dance troupe and University Arts Theatre.

Was employed at Jesus the Exalted Name School , as a Junior High School Teacher, Year 2014-2016

Students easily fall in love with her jolly and funny character! Her lessons are amazingly fun for all ages. They all try to express themselves in English as Jessica would bombared them with funny questions all the time! A million-hearted passion for teaching is given to all of your kids whenever she is around.

E-Life team member since June 2018.


Lennie Luzano Eguchi

She’s from the Philippines but her heart was captured by the Japanese kids.

Her favorite things are teaching kids and traveling.

She’s a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management year 2009 at Emilio Aguinaldo College, Philippines.

A member of Filipino English Teachers in Japan.

Teaching Experience

- Assistant English teacher at Jolly Kids English Kojiya from October 2016- March 2018

- Business English Teacher at Harajuku English Cafe June 2017- December 2018

Training and Certificates


- Advanced Teacher Training -FETJ Global

Teaching guidelines Seminar- FETJ Global

Jolly Kids English Teacher Training Program- FETJ Global

English Grammar Overview- FETJ Global

E-Life team member since August 2018.


JP Teacher

A teacher from Sri Lanka. Has a good ability in Mathematics.

Got an advanced level in Math and graduated in University of Sri Lanka.

Worked in the Bank of Ceylon (BOC). While working in the bank, she focused more on English lessons for teaching course and immediately worked as a Montessori International School teacher in Sri Lanka.

She’s not only a lady with brains but she also loves kids, singing and dancing.

She can also make nice crafts with kids.

She is in-charge of the after schooler kids in E-LIFE.

Currently, she is also studying Japanese language in Chiba City.


- Preliminary English Test Council of Europe Level B1(PET) in University of Cambrige (ESOL)

- Kindergarten Teacher and Childcare Qualification. (JMC International School, Sri Lanka)

E-Life team member since June 2016.


Keiko Oshibe

From Osaka and have 3 siblings. In here childhood, her parents were running an English school so she was familiar with English at a young age. As a mother of two children,  I am passionate about parenting and education. In this generation we are surrounded by a lot of changes in technology as well as child education.I would like to support the growth of children in this new era where all kinds of talents can play an active role. Whenever you need help with balancing family and work, or with child-rearing concerns, please feel free to talk to us!


- Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, University of Kent, UK (2009)

- Worked as sales professional for Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. 

- Worked as English teacher for AEON

- Worked as support staff for Hanahana (After school day-service)


- Childminder (保育士)

- Service Administration Manager (サービス管理責任者)

- TOEIC 920

- TEYL (Teaching English for young learners)

- Agriculture Kentei 2nd grade (農業検定2級)


"See you at Ichikawa Branch!"


E-Life team member since December 2020.



Dyann Caneja

A professional Math Teacher and a champion cosplayer. Teacher Dyann was a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary education major in Mathematics at Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sta. Rosa Campus. She is also currently studying Master of Arts in Education Major in Mathematics at University of Perpetual Help System- Biñan. She already passed the board examination for teachers held in 2013. Her love for arts and anime lead her to cosplay community and won several cosplay competitions on her country.  She was also a member of PUP Artist Guild Dance Squad on her college university. She is young at heart that make her friends and colleagues treat her as their youngest sister. She also loves to play with kids in fact, kids also love her because of her childish heart. 


Work Experience:

Rexdei Academy Inc. 2013-2014

Jesus the Exalted Name Inc. 2014-2015

Aplaya National High School 2015-2021 


"See you soon at Kaijin Branch!"

 E-Life team member since January 2020.




Ella Wardini Sakata


She's a mother to 5 kids and from Indonesia.  Their first language at home is English as she is married to a Japanese-American.

Graduated from a Culinary Arts School and can cook professional meals.  Has an experience teaching English as a second language in kindergartens and elementary schools in Saudi Arabia.  She loves children, singing and playing with them.  Her family and friends say that she's a good listener and adviser.  Excellent in taking care of every kid's different mindset and characteristics.  She wishes that Japanese children will learn English from early childhood so not only do they understand to read and write, but also will gain confidence on their communication skills.   


"Come and join us at E-Life International School and see you there!"




Margarida Ferreira Pinto

First arrived in Japan in January 2019 and has been learning Japanese ever since. 

Recently graduated top of her class from Japanese language school in Tokyo and looking forward to work as a language teacher here in Japan.

Passionate about learning new languages and cultures from all around the world, shares the same love for teaching anyone who’s curious about a new language. She can now speak 5 languages including Portuguese, French, English, Spanish and Japanese. Would be more than welcome to start teaching any of these European languages to your kids when the opportunity shows up in the future.

Originally from Portugal but raised in France where she went to college and studied Spanish and English History, Marketing and World Economics for her Applied Foreign Languages Degree.

Margarida has had the chance to acquire some working experience here in Japan working for a short time as a chat host and English teacher at an Eikawa in Tokyo. 

Margarida believes the key to master any language is to best start learning it young and practice regularly to better your level therefore is devoted and committed to providing what’s best for your kids. Very grateful she gets to work with kids representing her generation’s future education. She is keen on making sure your kids are learning in a safe, enjoyable and uplifting atmosphere where they feel most at ease and aren’t afraid to freely express themselves. 

Loving and caring, she makes it her mission to create a pressure-free environment where everyone feels involved and doesn’t get left out or outshined. 


“I am looking forward to meeting all of you soon!”



Jack Bergdahl


He is an educator who has been working with kids and teenagers in various situations. He is interested in joining the management workforce in every learning venue such as in schools, nurseries, immersion buildings, sports camps and volunteering services. He loves seeing his students grow with confidence, interdependence and courage; not only with their English skills but also holistically.

Teacher Jack is a fun-loving and extremely patient teacher. He aims to fill children's natural cravings for new ideas.

Furthermore, his biggest reason for choosing this career in education is the kids' ability to dream big and stay curious.


"Looking forward to meeting you all in E-life classroom!"



Grace Ong

Comes from a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion country named Malaysia. This unique country enables her to be fluent in English and Chinese dialects besides her native language.

Her love for IT scored her to be a Computer Science graduate. She acquired multiple experiences with companies dealing in Aviation, Contact Center and Education. In the past, she also engaged in tutoring Heinemann Password English (UK English) and worked as a kindergarten teacher.

As a highly-motivated teacher she encourages children from all ages to have the confidence to learn English hence E-Life International School is a good platform for students to start nurturing.

 ‘With languages, you are at home anywhere’- Edmund De Waal

Can’t wait to start this journey with you!