History of E-Life

Cherry’s E-life was a home-base Eikaiwa class. Cherry opened it to render her service to mommy-friends (ママ友) who personally asked her to teach English to their kids . It started 2012 of June with only 8 students. Through the help of parents and friends word of mouth, it grew bigger and now has almost 100 students attending Cherry’s E-life. Most people think that the E for E-life means “English”. Yes, of course, it is! It stands for English. But there is more to it than that. “E” sounds for “Ii” or “良い” which means “good” in Japanese language. Because we aim for,

About E-Life

E-LIFE is a private international Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary that excels in providing the very best in early childhood education in a safe, fun and nurturing environment. We have given great thought to the curriculum of our classes. We provide a balanced and complete program of education in a family-like, well-equipped environment. E-life has four methods (1). Listening (2). Speaking (3). Reading (4). Writing. We also focused on numeracy skills, artistic skills, music, science exploration, physical coordination, and social interaction.

The philosophy behind our program is to give our students the best possible preparation for the next stage of their education. This is done through an integrated play-based approach to learning. Children learn best when they are happy and comfortable in their environment. This is why one of our philosophy is "Always smile back at little children. Never ignore them. Smiling is where love begins." We believe the best way to teach kids and help them learn is by having fun and utilizing creative hands-on activities.

E-life promotes quality education in the most affordable price.

Join us let's learn and have fun together!

See you soon!